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My work is mainly focused in the areas of LGBTQ and non-binary identities as well as kink/alternative sexualities. Many of my clients are struggling with or have struggled with gender identity, sexual orientation, or sexual interests that are outside of the mainstream (kink, BDSM, poly, etc.) at some point in their life. Some clients transitioned 30 years ago and are struggling to make meaning of their experience given the recent explosion of transgender issues in the news. Other clients are deeply in the closet about their gender identity or sexual orientation and just need a place to be authentic and talk about feelings they’ve never really talked to anyone about.

Although these subjects might bring someone into my office, they are rarely the sole focus of our therapy sessions. Life is rarely just about gender or sexuality; we will make space for whatever is going on in your life at the time. We’ll focus on things that brought you into my office, but we’ll also meander off the beaten path many times, only to return to what brought you in. Know that you will have a safe space to process whatever is going on in your life no matter what the subject. If gender and/or sexuality isn’t your struggle right now, we can focus on other things going on in your life. The life events that bring someone to therapy are often beacons indicating deeper challenges and things to work through.

Duration and Frequency of Therapy

Our work may be short-term (6-8 sessions), solution-focused therapy with one goal in mind or longer-term ( > 8 sessions) therapy with a larger focus. We will work together to determine what you are looking for and what would be most appropriate.

Therapy can be a lifelong process for some people and a short-term, solution-focused process for others. Some people have a specific challenge they are trying to overcome (making a major life decision, changing careers, transitioning gender, coming out as gay or queer) and others have more nuanced issues like feeling “stuck” or navigating new relationships. We’ll talk through the right frequency of therapy, but we’ll usually see each other once per week at the same time on the same day for 50 minutes.

You may have heard that they’ll be times where you feel worse leaving a therapy session…and that can happen occasionally. That’s because we’re often exploring territory that you don’t usually explore with another person. There are times I might challenge your views of yourself and that might feel uncomfortable but you’ll find that you learn more about yourself and how you developed these beliefs, which beliefs you hold near and which ones you don’t care for. We’ll do the emotional “heavy lifting” together so that you can get to a better place. In the end, the goal is to be in a better place and I’ll be there with you throughout your journey. It might feel new, maybe even scary, but we’ll take our time and work together.

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